Wednesday, December 11, 2013


While on my run along the beach today, I realized something.  God opened my eyes to something new and wondrous about the ocean.  The calm, peaceful and repetitive ways seemed to echo the sound of my soul.  

Running is therapeutic for me.  A way that I can let go of what has been going on - whether it be the list of to dos, including packing for Australia to visit my baby sister (!), or concern for loved ones - I can let it go.  And as cliche as it is, I can let it go and let God.
Running is a time for prayer for me.  A time when I can just focus on God - and especially His goodness.  Because every time I run now, I cannot help but think about the miracle He did in my life. How the impossible not only became fathomable again but actually possible.
How I can get out of bed, slip on a pair of runners, and go.

But I also realized something else.  The oceans waves aren't always so mellow and therapeutic.  They can be harsh, fear-bringing, and life-threatening.
But regardless of what they bring, they always come.

And that got me thinking and praying about life. 
About life and what it has brought and what it may bring.
About how it will come.  It will always come.
And I have no control whether it will be peace or fear bringing.

But I do have a constant that I can rely on.
He is in control.
He knows what the waves will do now, tomorrow, and fifteen years from now.
He knows and allows them to be as they are.
But He also has the power to speak "Peace, be still" and calm them.
He has the ultimate control of the waves of life -
as well as the perfect goodness to hold us through it all.

And for that I can praise Him.
Praise Him all the day long.

(Oceans by Hillsong ... a song that seems fitting and has also been a constant in my morning routine and life really recently!)

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