Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I never liked this newly loved and overly used word. 
You only live once. YOLO. 

I didn't say it.  I didn't honestly live it. 
I believed that yes I only have one life to live so I should live it well and to His glory. 
But I don't know how much of my life reflected that I only have this life. 
And that I should live it up. 
Live it up for Him. 

But that has changed.  I feel more alive than ever before. 
I am doing things I wouldn't have done willingly. 
I am dwelling in sacred quiet. 
I am rushing through the forest on my bike. 
I am jumping into life and so looking forward to what is around the next bend. 

I am relinquishing control.  My need to know what is happening now, soon, and later. 
What the next corner will look like. 
What I will do there. 

While being stuck in bed, I learned the lesson of taking each day at a time. 
Taking what that day held and doing what I was able to. 
Appreciating what was there.  In that moment. 
And not what I wished were there. 

And I am trying to embrace that now. 
To live each day with joy, spontaneity, and freedom. 

And some days that means exploring the wondrous bike trails around my new home. 

Some days that means jumping in the freezing ocean and swimming to the docked boat. 

Some days that means creating a painting inspired a phrase in my morning devotional - joy ecstatic.

Some days that means stopping to smell the flowers. 

And some days that means being open to what may come. 
Living it up. 
Loving it. 
And going for it. 
No matter what. 

Because really, YOLO... So why wouldn't you live it up while you can?
Why wouldn't you decide to live, and I mean really live?

So that is my challenge. 
Live it up. 
Live it up for Him. 

Love and blessings,

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  1. Becca!! I'm so happy that you are feeling so much better! through reading your blog posts and soph's updates every once in a while I get a taste of what you've been going through! You are empowering!! Keep on praising Him =)


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