Monday, August 26, 2013

A God of Miracles

Miracles are happening my friend.
Miracles are in our midst.

God is a God of miracles.  He was, He is, and He forever will be.

Yesterday in church during worship, the Truth filled my heart.  
God performed a miracle in me.  I am a walking miracle.

Now, I wouldn't have ever told you God wasn't apart of my healing - nor would I have said you were wrong if you called my healing a miracle... 
But yesterday I accepted it for myself more than I have before.

God is good and heals His children.
His promises throughout Scripture of healing, they are true.   They are very true for me and I will never be the same because of that!  My life is forever changed.  I am forever new.  I am forever grateful and so blessed to be living and just loving my life.

While I was sick I read some of these passages with a doubt-filled heart.  With questions of why I would deserve to be healed?  Why would the Healer God heal me over my dear friend with cancer?  Or Tonya, a blogger I follow, who has had CFS/ME for many, many years?

I was holding myself back with fear, feelings of unworthiness, and doubt.  

I was trusting His truths but not wholeheartedly - I knew me to be universally true but maybe not true for me, not speaking of my healing.  I knew He is the God who heals but I didn't think I deserved it over any one else.  And, no, I am not more important than any one else who is crying out for physical healing, but He did heal me.  And it wasn't because I changed my thought pattern and decided I was the most deserving person there.   It wasn't because of me but because of His faithfulness.
It wasn't me.  It was Him.

It was the Lord who heals (Ex 15:26).  

Who promises to take away our disease (Ex 23:25).    
Who strengthens us on our sick bed (Ps 41:3).  
Who restores health (Jer 30:17).
Who is with us always and forever (Matt 28:20).

I hold on to those with great assurance.  With faith that is growing.
With trust that is holding onto hope.  With knowing that He says I am worthy and He healed me.

That the doubts and fears... those were not of Him.  They held me back.  I had to let them go. 
I have to let them go.
We have to let them go.

And because He is good and love, He helps us.   He holds us.  He stays with us no matter what.
And He whispers truth into our hearts.
Over and over, He gently engraves Him into our hearts.
He never stops.
And He never will.

Much love & blessings.

PS.  I successfully moved into my new place and am LOVING it!  I was able to move in with energy and excitement.  This place is already feeling like home and I cannot wait to get to know this place more.  So here is to exploring and seeing where He takes my dreams this year!

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