Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Joy of Living and Loving Life

The day began with a hot summer breeze which beckoned me outside.  I basked in the sun most of the day.  Observing the majestic beauty around me and breathing in the summer ocean air, while adding to my sun-kissed skin. 

I immediately noticed the birds singing and flying around me.  Soon I realized they were a family of young little birds learning to take flight.  Figuring out what it meant to soar. 
One of them perched right by me on the glass, resting and checking out the large and open sky calling to him.  He eventually took off into glorious flight and glided effortlessly around the wonderful blue sky.  The clouds way up high seemed not too big an obstacle for him as he truly began to soar. 

Today I too tested out my newly strong arms and legs and tried something I haven't done in over 9 months.  As I was too weak and the water too vertigo evoking, I had not yet made it into the pool.  While stuck in bed I would look out and envy those who effortlessly seemed to soar in their own way through the water.  But today I conquered the fears holding me back and went in.  I did not full out swim but I had another first - I took a floaty and moved myself around the pool!  The first sort of exercise I have done in far too long. It filled my soul with delight and my muscles now crave the feeling of use.  The burn that means I am moving.  I am alive and moving.  Moving towards strength and health. 

I then planted myself with a book that is impacting me greatly, "Where is God when it hurts?" by Philip Yancey, and let the sun rays warm my body.  Freckles seemed to arise out of thin air making my fair skin now appear as if it has seen the light and ventured out of the house.  A dear friend once told me that freckles were kisses from angels.  I like that, like a lot, and am reminded every time I see them of the goodness and love of my Great Healing Father. 

Butterflies began to fly around and one almost landed right on me.  I have always loved them and found them delightfully and delicately beautiful.  Apparently butterflies landing on you mean good luck and symbolizes rebirth and renewal.  I would say today was another realization of my transformational change.  So I will take them as a symbol of renewal and hold onto that.  Hold onto this day of strength and continued renewal. 

This day that I also drove and laughed and saw the day with wondrous delight and joy.   This day that ended with me singing away as I drove with the wind in my hair and as. the sun burned brilliant fire reds, oranges, and pinks in the sky.

This day that was filled with wonder and joy.  Love and comfort.  Beautiful words read and glorious nature observed.
This day that brought joy of living that seemed unimaginable just a short month ago.  
Joy of living.  Joy of loving. 
Joy of a life that I love. 


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