Saturday, July 27, 2013

Through the clouds

Being In the grey cloud took on a more weighty meaning today as we flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  The sky became dark.  Light barely able to peak through.  The pilot voice comes on overhead warning not to get up as it could get a "little bumpy".  With little light insight, the desert below barely visible, and little certainty that the ride will be smooth, I couldn't help but realize how this was my life not too long ago.  The ride which I assumed to be smooth with clear views, quickly became fogged up and the ride bumpy with no end in sight.  No certainty of when light would break through.  

When there would be a break through.
When I could break through. 
Out of the dark cloud blocking my vision.  Filling me with doubt and despair.  
And the ground that I could see was desert.  Dry and wasted, I felt helpless. 
But then the beauty came even in the dark and bumpy dry lands of my life. 
Break through did come. 
Healing came. 
He came. 

He met me in my suffering and promised to hold me regardless of how bumpy it would be.  He said He would never leave. Even if the wilderness was all I could see.  
He came.  He promised one day there would be redemption and restoration.
And until that day, He wouldn't leave. 
He gave me hope.  I could hope again knowing the future.  Knowing that one day I would regain strength and be able to live abundantly with Him. 
But He also made me realize that regardless of when the complete physical breakthrough would come, I could spiritually live life fuller than ever before.  That I could live a life of joy and love no matter what.  And that He would hold me up even if I got weaker.  He would hold me.  Come along for the bumpy ride.  He wouldn't leave out of fear or disgust of the uncertain wilderness ride, but would continue to embrace me.  And in embracing me, be there for the bumpy ride amid the grey clouds.  
He would take on the suffering so He could be with me.  
He would take on the ultimate suffering so that I could come before Him. Cry out to Him. And be held.  

Held with hope.  
Held with love.
Held with joy. 
Be healed with hope. 
Healed with love.
And healed with joy. 

I am currently sitting in the Bellagio before we leave for a drive to Arizona for a house boating adventure!  Praise God I could walk right past the wheelchairs in the airport and just continue walking through some of the amazing different hotels here!  I will write as soon as I can again.  Blessings and love. 

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  1. So glad you made it safely. Thinking of you lots. <3


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