Monday, July 8, 2013

My Wonderful Mom

My mom is incredible.
And it is her birthday.
Her big 5-0.
But like one of her birthday cards said, "It's like getting 5 perfect 10s from the judging panel!"

She is beautiful.  Kind.  Caring.  Strong.  A disciple of the Lord.
Passionate.  Giving.  Wonderful.

She has done so much for me.  I truly believe if it weren't for her I wouldn't be feeling as good as I am now.
She has stuck by me and with me through the worst.  She has never failed to bring me wherever I need to go.  She has booked endless appointments and fought to find an answer to help me. She has always supported me and encouraged me to do what I love and make a difference in this world.

She is tender yet strong.
And I have learned so much from her.

She has never judged me or doubted the way I was feeling.  She never tried to convince me not to go on antidepressants or sleeping pills because of the stigmas attached to them.  She has always valued my opinion about what I feel is best.  She has pushed me to do more while still helping me with everything that was needed.

And today is her birthday and though it marks a big milestone I believe the milestones are just going to get bigger and better and she continues in this life.  As she walks closer and closer to The Lord.  As she gains knowledge to be a health coach and give to others - yes she is going back to school with ME! Read more about it in my latest post.  As she goes to Guatemala and sees the lives she has impacted (her wish was that everyone would donate to the Seeds of Tomorrow project instead of give her gifts!)
Watch this short video to see more about this amazing project that my dad imagined and has partnered with others to make possible!

She is amazing and I wish you could all meet her.
She is my mom and I cannot imagine life without her quiet and beautiful spirit.

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