Saturday, August 10, 2013

A New Friend

Yesterday April, my sister, and I were driving down Granville Street and we saw a man on the street.  He was homeless and appeared to be struggling with health issues.  
We drove on by, but I couldn't seem to get him off my mind. 
I even woke up thinking about him.  I wanted to talk with him.  Learn his story. 
Give him food and friendship.  Show him someone cared.  That someone would stop and not just walk by him as if he were invisible. 

I had planned to go back to Vancouver today so I hoped I would see him.  He wasn't where I remembered seeing him yesterday.  I was a bit disheartened as I really felt God place him on my heart. 

But then I met Don. 
He too was homeless.  On the side of Granville Street.  At first I walked by him in hopes of finding my other friend to be.  But then I realized he was just as worthy. 
Was worthy of attention.  Of a meal.  Of conversation. 
So I asked him if I could get him something from Starbucks.  Asked what he wanted.   How he liked his coffee.  And his face lit up. 
He asked for a breakfast sandwich and coffee with cream. So I went on my way and came back with his order and a gift card. 
He was really kind and beyond grateful. 
It made my day. And I have a feeling it may have made his day too. 

So although I didn't meet my other friend, I made a new one.  
And instead of having one new friend to pray for, I now have two. 
One whose name I hope to one day learn and Don.

And God touched my heart too.  Opened my eyes wider.  Reminded me of more.  Of how blessed I am.   
I went to Vancouver to buy bedding for my new place.  My new place that is warm, dry, and filled with comfortable furniture.  My place where there will (almost) always be food to choose from.  A best friend to talk to.  And any TV show to watch. 

Today was humbling, joy-filled, and gave me hope.  
Hope that love can change the world.  
That Love has changed the world.
And continues to radically change it each moment of every day.
And I am blessed to be able to be a part of sharing that love that has completely shocked and filled me. 

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