Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sing Like Never Before

Sing like never before oh my soulAnd worship Your holy nameYes I will worship Your holy name. 

This morning has been beautiful. The sun came out early and kept the usual morning fog at bay.  The waves are crashing 'Hallelujah' on repeat.  
My Spirit is lifted higher and higher. Filled more and more with His love and joy. 
Filled with longing to be closer and closer to Him - every single day. 

Music was playing in the background from my iPhone but the songs that played were ones I haven't really listened to much before.  Christian artists who are Spirit filled but yet to make it big.  All that to say I didn't really know the songs but instead was able to soak them in and pray along with their heart cries instead of singing along because I knew them. 
This led for a Spiritual morning.  One that I recommitted to open my hands wider and wider so that I could reach up to Him in praise.  So that I could see empty palms waiting for Him instead of closed fights grabbing for whatever around me. 
This morning was beautiful.  Serene.  Spiritual. 
I walked along the beach and felt something in me saying to pick up rocks along the way.  And the more I did, I realized they were to become a pillar or altar of worship. And maybe it was nothing more than my desire to create but regardless it led to something Spiritual and beautiful.  Signifying my meeting Him and committing to Him more.  Committing to be more Spirit filled and led.  To receive more of Him and be less of me.   More of who He created me to be, shining His light of love and glory.  

So I stacked my rocks one on top of the other onto the biggest rock I could find.  The one that seemed immovable.  The one that was flat and ready to hold my prayers.   The one that had life already on it.  Life abundant growing on it in glorious and vibrant green.   
So I placed my altar of prayer on that rock.  The Rock.  
The One who is immovable.  Freely giving of life to the full.  

And I prayed.  And slowly the waves came and washed my prayers out to sea.  But the Rock remained.  Unmoved.  There by me.  Willing and always open for more.  
For more cries for help.  More cries to be closer.  More cries to see Him. 

And then I needed to dance.  I danced in the waves, without a care of who was around.  I danced and sang praise to Him.  
For He has filled me with joy.  With hope.  With perfect unconditional love. 
With longing to be with Him.  

He takes me again and again.  Filled with grace and forgiveness, He takes me. Holds me and promises to never let me go. 
So I dance and sing. 
I am filled with joy. 
And I begin to see, hear, and smell Him all around me. 
He is here.  He is always here. 
For He is immovable.  Constant.  True. 
And love. 

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