Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Here's to Dreaming

At a loss of where to begin, I looked around my room.  
Looked around and saw memories.  Of good and bad. 
Of sickness.  Of health. 
Of my life before.  And where my life is going. 

I saw things still packed from my apartment last year that where graciously packed by my roommates after I left and was stuck at home.  I saw my box filled with my books for Integrative Nutrition. 
I saw Nursing textbooks.  Photos from high school. 
Art supplies.  Books to read. 

And I sat and wondered, Where do I begin?  

Today I started packing up my things (which truly started by unpacking from my trip to California where I helped my sister move into university and things from my apartment last year).  

I was amazed at how much stuff I actually have. 
So my packing also became sorting and giving away. Which was actually quite freeing. 
Especially as some of the things I packed to give to charity should have been purged a long time ago ... One of which may have included my grade 7 grad dress. Yep...
Anyways, as I began to pack I was texting my new and wonderful roommate as of this Saturday and she reminded me of something huge. 
As tedious and onerous as packing may seem, I was packing. 
I was able to pack.  Something I couldn't have done two months ago. 

I also FaceTimed with a dear friend who is recovering (marvellously and beautifully) from post concussion syndrome.    

From both these conversations, I was reminded of where I was.  How far I have come. 
How good God is.  And how blessed I am. 

I was in bed.  I was stuck in bed. 
And today I was packing my new bedding for my new bed in my new home. 

How crazy is that?
I shouldn't be doing that.  According to doctors and the label Chronic Fatigue places, I shouldn't be back to me.  I shouldn't be loving life and finding such joy. 
Dreaming of the future and actually being able to dream freely because anything is now possible. 
Anything is possible because of Him.  
Because of Him and what He has done in my life. 

Anything... Even waking up with the energy and motivation to jump in the pool and do some laps.... To go out this evening and do some errands... To do a yoga video that turned out to be a crazy workout (warning - if you want to relax and breathe without gasping for breath, don't try the Jillian Michaels yoga video... She is insane and had me doing things I barely did before I was sick!  Although I did take breaks and audibly told her "no way am I doing that!" ... )

Anything... Including dreaming of the future and what it will hold.  Sharing my dreams with dear friends.  And packing in order to make a step closer to making those dreams become a reality. 

Good night dear friends. 
Thank you for walking this journey with me.
And inspiring me to dream. 
To dream God-sized dreams. 

So here's to dreaming. 

Much love. 

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