Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poster Child {part 2}

"You are the poster child of all the bad symptoms of Chronic Fatigue"
Those were the words that came from the mouth of my specialist this morning after I updated him on how I was doing and told him about my new symptoms.  I didn't quite know what to think when he first told me that.  Was I supposed to be happy that at least all my symptoms are confirming that yes I have CFS?  Was I to be discouraged that I was dealing with so many of the horrible symptoms?  Was I to laugh off the idea of me being a 'poster child' (I know he didn't mean it literally but still!)?I don't know. And honestly I still feel all those things...
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Yesterday I returned to see my specialist at St Paul's.  I had not seen him since I started to feel better so I was really looking forward to sharing my exciting news and introducing him to the real me.  
The me who was missing.  Who lives in the joys of simplicity. 
Who dreams - and loves to dream big.  
Who can walk with a bounce in her step and engage in conversation. 
Me who no longer was plagued with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.). 
Me who was loving and living life. 

My specialist, Dr. Arseneau, was amazed.  He couldn't believe how well I was doing and was so happy to see me.  He said it was the best way to end his busy day. 
And smiling big, he repeated those words that brought me confusion before.  But this time they brought me joy. 
"You are the poster child of true recovery!  I almost never see this!"
I was able to tell him that I had started implementing exercise into my schedule (low impact of course but exciting nonetheless!).  How I was down to less than half of the sleeping pills I was originally on.  How I was cutting and even eliminating other drugs.  How I was making plans for my immediate future and so excited about life.  How I feel like me again - and almost more than who I was before. 

So my appointment ended with gratitude and smiles on every face in the room.  He said he would leave my file open if I ever needed to come back but that he didn't think I would need to.  
That I was the exception.  The Poster Child of a completely different kind. 

And so we left St. Paul's Hospital and I was filled with gratitude, joy, and so beyond blessed.   As I walked down the stairs that I was unable to previously even attempt,  I felt a rush of what can only be explained as God's goodness and glory. 
And the last thing I saw of that hospital through the trees opening up to the blue sky, was the cross.  The cross on top of the brick building.  Shining truth to the community that was so evident through the compassionate and individual care I received there. 

That evening I was able to share this story with two wonderful friends who I have really only began to get to know.  The most wonderful people that I cannot wait to know even more.  Yesterday evening was a blessing.  Filled with delicious food, uplifting and encouraging conversation, wonderful views, and a beautiful hand crafted gift.  
It was there I realized all I had done that day.  
That I had been to Fort Langley, into Vancouver, and was then enjoying Tsawwassen.  And I still felt awesome.  Full of energy and excitement for life!
I was even referred to as the 'energizer bunny'!!  Haha what a glorious change!
What a blessing of an evening with amazing and uplifting people. 

But I cannot omit the absolutely wondrous morning I had yesterday!
I went into Fort Langley with my beautiful best friend.  We had a lovely breakfast at iconic Wendels coffee shop and then walked around Fort Langley. 
We ended our walk at OUR NEW PLACE!  (Sorry I cannot contain my excitement!)
We got our keys and enjoyed time with our landlord - whom we are so blessed by already!

So yesterday was amazing.  The perfect day. 
Even through some rain. 
It was wonderful. 
And I won't forget it. 

I am so blessed and so grateful for this life I have been given. 


  1. So happy to read about your progress!!Auntie Marg

  2. I am THRILLED beyond words.
    May the Lord continue to bless you Rebecca!

  3. I am thrilled beyond words!
    May the Lord continue to bless you Rebecca!


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