Monday, May 13, 2013

Because of Mom

Beyond the window, a family grows.  A family learns to stick together.  To follow mom's lead.  To have fun and live a little.  To come when called.  They learn to survive in this big world.  I watch this family beyond my window and think of how amazing life truly is, how fragile it is, how beautiful it is, and how full of adventure it is.  I keep watching them and realize something.  I realize it is because of mom.

It is because of mom that all nine of her prized ducklings remain.  It is because of mom's protection and wisdom that no hawk or eagle have swooped in - though some have definitely tried.  It is because of mom that the nine have learned all that they know.  The nine can have full tummies because of mom.  The nine can play games and chase each other in the shallow because mom led them there.  The nine learn other ducks do not care and caress as mom - simply because they are not mom.  The nine are nurtured, loved, and protected because of mom. 

I too have been nurtured, loved, and protected because of mom.  I could come back to mom sick.  I could come back to mom worn.  And now when I am too slow, too tired, too weak, too sick, mom holds me.  Mom gives up her needs because I have needs.  Mom stops her journey and joins mine.  Mom never stops loving, helping, holding.
And though we are different, we are forever united.  Though the life giving cord was clipped between the two of us almost twenty two years ago, mom continues to nourish me, comfort me, protect me, and guide me.  Mom has been through endless health care appointments with me.  Mom has been through every new symptom with me.  Mom has been through frustration, depression, and anger with me.  Mom has been through it all and has not left my side.  

Like the ducks, she pulls me under her wing.  She quietly holds me, fiercely protects me, constantly helps me.  

She is my mom and no one else can take her place. 

Photo credit: #1 (I tried taking photos from bed of my duck family but no luck...)

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  1. Beautiful. I thank God that you have the support of your wonderful mother.


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