Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Phone Call

I missed a phone call today. The best phone call in the world. And I missed it. 
I had woken up not long before the call and did not hear my phone nor hear it beep notifying me there was a message as my data and roaming were turned off. 
But despite missing the call, it is still the best phone call in the world - and probably will forever remain that way. 

The phone call was from Guatemala. 

My sister is there right now and tried to call me.  She tried to call me because she was somewhere very dear to me and with someone even dearer than the place.  She was with my sponsor chid, Yoselina in the little village of Mocohan.  
But although we didn't connect through the air, we connected through the cries of our hearts.  
My sweet little girl left me a message. Through her kind and beautiful voice I could feel her love and but also her pain.  By the end of the short heart warming while simultaneously heart breaking message, I could hear through tears that she was sad. Sad for me.  That she loved me and asked for God to bless me. 
This is coming from a girl who lives in a village where open sewer runs by her home.  From a girl whose family is just making it by.  From a girl who wears the same clothes almost every day. 
I was brought to tears.  Hugely blessed.  Greatly humbled.  And embraced with overwhelming love. 
Love that brought a little sweet Guatemalan girl to tears. 
Love that brought this Canadian to tears. 
Love that bridges the two of us, though we are many miles apart. 

My sister also told me something that made my heart burst all the more. 
She said that this morning she went to the morning devotional at Yoselina's school. 
And as she was hidden behind everyone in the back, she heard them praying.  All of them praying. And they were praying for me. 
Hundreds of children praying for me. 

I am still a bit in shock. 
They were all praying for me.  For me who has more than they could ever begin to imagine. For me miles and miles away.  For me.  
I am sure many other sponsors are ill or struggling in some way and I am positive that this suffering that I know now can never compare to what my dear friends in Guatemala endure. But they were praying for me. 

Monica said that they didn't know she was there and that it was so very special to hear them praying. And I know that God heard those prayers because those children have faith.  Faith that can move mountains. 
Their worship is more genuine, their cries for help and love more sincere, than I have ever seen. 

So if at any point I felt like giving up this fight, or if I ever feel that I cannot seem to carry on, I will remember this missed phone call and the prayers of many young faithful lovers of The Lord in Guatemala. 
I will fight for them.  I can fight because of them and the immense hope and joy they have given me. 
And Lord willing, I will be there again soon rejoicing with them.  And crying many more tears of love I am sure. 


  1. This is beautiful. Thanks Becca.

    1. I was there when these two events happened.
      I was in tears as well.
      The love of God in these children is something amazing!

    2. Something very amazing and unbelievable touching.
      God is so good.

  2. Wow...I don't even know what other words to say. That is just a beautiful story!! Do you use an organization to sponsor Yoselina?

    1. Thank you! I was speechless and also teary eyed when I heard her voice!
      I sponsor Yoselina through Impact Ministries. They are a small ministry that is solely based out of Guatemala. They do amazing things there. You can check them out at impactministries.ca!

  3. This is so beautiful! I've just found your blog and read your story and it's amazing how much of your life mirrors my own! I'm a 22yr old Christian (apparently just a day older than you!) who suffers from severe M.E. I got sick whilst I was doing my nursing training (over in the UK) but I only ever got half way through! I just wanted to connect with you and say hi and this was the only way I could think of. God bless x

    1. Wow Jess thank you so very much for contacting me! I am almost in tears reading how similar our stories are and totally believe God has led us together! On the right side of my blog there is Email Me button. If you want to talk more, please do send me an email! It is lifebeyondthewindow(at)live(dot)com :)
      I will be praying for you and hop over to your blog also.
      Thank you again for contacting me.


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