Friday, June 28, 2013

In Between

It is Friday again so that means linking back up with Lisa Jo and the wonderful Five Minute Friday community she hosts.  
Writing for 5 minutes.  Unedited.  Raw.  Real.

Won't you hold my hand and join me?

Here we go...
In Between

The In Between.  I relate to this.  Waiting.  No longer where I was.  But yet not where I will be.

When something you had is taken from you, you can either sit and long to be back there or try and find the journey to receiving back what was lost.  
But in doing so, you end up somewhere new.  Always.

Because of the journey.  Because of the experience of seeking.  Of waiting.  Of being in between.

I know that in my life, I am in a definite time of in between.  
And you know?  As hard as it is, as hard as it can be... I wouldn't trade anything for what I have learned in this time of waiting.  Waiting on health.  Waiting on answers.  Waiting on God.

It has felt like a long journey in the desert.  I was somewhere that I thought was good, but it turns out, it wasn't where I was meant to be.  My direction has changed.  My eyes have been opened.  My heart has been torn.  Torn and rubbed with the sand of the desert.  Hurt and made raw.
But because of that, I can feel better than before.

And in the pain, the wondering, and the real, I find hope.  I see the light that this too shall pass.
I won't be in the desert forever.  But right now I am. 

So what am I going to do with it?
What will you do with it?

I pray we can embrace it.  Learn from it.  And seek Him - the True North - to bring us through.

Most of what matters in life doesn't come through big moments. Change happens gradually, over time. And the vehicle for our transformation is an unexpected one. We learn our greatest lessons from delays, setbacks, and inconveniences — through waiting.
At a time when our culture is calling us to hack our way into greater productivity and efficiency, what we may need to do is the opposite. To slow down. As we do, we may learn that it's not the experiences of a lifetime, but the life in the experiences, that determines who are and what we will become.

THE IN-BETWEEN is a call to embrace the importance that waiting plays in our lives, a reminder to be present and acknowledge the lessons life is trying to teach us in the slower moments.

Welcome to the wait. 
- Jeff Goins

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  1. I have been in that in between place so many times and truth is I feel like I'm almost always there. Isn't it all in between really if we think of our final destination, our final end? Thanking God that He is faithful, always, in the in between.

    1. That is definitely true. We are in between. On Earth with Him slowly (hopefully) becoming more and more like Him.
      But through it all He is faithful - always.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. It's difficult when we are in place in between. We, can only wait for God's Guidance to help us. My post for FMF is here:

  3. Lovely, and real write. This is a place I always find myself too. My post for FMF is:

    1. Thank you Leah! It's true we have to wait on Him - yet He always, always, always comes through and is faithful.
      I will go over and read your post on this place we both find ourselves.

  4. "And in the pain, the wondering, and the real, I find hope. I see the light that this too shall pass.
    I won't be in the desert forever. But right now I am." Rebecca, God used your words to minister to me. Thanks for speaking so honestly. Thanks also for the quote by Jeff Goins.

    1. Wow thank you for touching my heart with your comment. It is amazing how Gods words can impact the people around us. I have been so blessed by the FMF community.


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