Monday, June 10, 2013

Spirit Lead Me

Spirit lead me where my trust is without bordersLet me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Saviour
- Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong

Where feet may fail.  Where my feet fail. 
Where my feet fail and yet where my faith grows. 

These last seven months have been deep waters.  
Oceans deep. Where waters roar. 
The water all around me seems to be rising - rising to waves that no one would be able to escape.  Seas so rough that even the most skilled sailor would not be able to navigate them. 
Yet somehow, in this raging ocean, peace and comfort come. 
I am not tossed overboard to drown but made firm through a love that never waivers.  A God who never fails.  My Saviour who holds me tight while the boat rocks fiercely.  The true life vests that enwraps me - holds my head above water.  Above water no. matter. what.
No. matter. what. 
Even when doubt creeps in.  When I wonder if that anchor can truly hold out in these seas.  When I wonder if I will make it.  If I will ever see land again.  If the waters can be made still.  Yet praise God that His faithfulness does not depend on how great my faith is.  He is faithful no. matter. what. 
He holds true to all His promises. 
He is mine and I am His.  His daughter.  His daughter no. matter. what. 

Just before leaving California this morning, the sun came out.  The sun came out brighter than it had all week.  A true gift indeed from the Father.  
A glimpse of true beauty.  A glimpse of the still sea.  The sea where the sun always shines.  Where I am in the presence of my Saviour. 
Where I feel true joy with the sun wrapping its warmth around my weak body. Where I smell the sea breeze.  Where I see the dolphins surfing along the faithful waves with graceful agility.  Where I look up and see the pelicans flying.  Flying home together.  

And now we fly home together but that wonderful morning where I felt His presence, saw His face, and heard His comforting song through the ever constant waves stays with me.  
We fly now.  We fly I can can continue my prayer from this morning of Spirit lead me.  Spirit lead me to walk along the water.  The waters you ordain, wherever they may be, whatever they may be like, and whenever you may call.  Lead me.  Lead me along the water.  Where my feet may fail but your guiding arm of supportive will never fail. 

So now as we continue to fly among the clouds, I have my head in the clouds.  Like the mountain poking through, I dream thousands of feet in the air.  I dream of where He may lead and what it may look like if I follow along the waters. 

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